Trieste Weddings


DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN TRIESTE Trieste is a port city, which reflects the splendours of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which dominated the region. Its connection to Austria is one of the reasons why Trieste will remind you of Vienna. It is a multi-cultural city, due in great part to its geographical location at the crossroads of Slavic, Latin and Germanic Europe.

WEDDINGS IN TRIESTE A civil marriage ceremony in Trieste is performed on the finest square - the Piazza dell’Unita’ inside the imposing Palazzo Comunale.
  • If you dream of a once in a lifetime wedding location near Trieste, we have a magnificent 14th century castle with all encompassing views of the Adriatic Sea that rival those of the Italian Riviera or Amalfi Coast. The castle is furnished throughout with original antiques and wedding receptions are held under glorious vaulted arches or in an open air courtyard. At night the setting becomes magical!
  • Contact us to celebrate your wedding in Trieste!

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